Frequent Workshop Venues
The SF Armory (San Francisco)
Inspired by the Mission to “demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,” the Armory Studios company offers Bay Area locals and visitors the opportunity to attend workshops that will aid in providing the information and encouragement to support exploration. Instructors include models and directors of as well as talented and renowned educators within the sex, kink, and BDSM communities.

The Citadel (San Francisco)
The San Francisco Citadel Community Center’s mission is to provide education, cultural events, a historical archive, and other resources to individuals and communities who identify as having an alternative sexuality, and to create a safe place to meet, explore, and share information about safety, techniques, and resources within those communities locally and nationally.

ROPECRAFT from February 19-21, 2016 in Austin, TX, is a new bondage convention where the beginner and the artist can share space that isn’t focused on a particular rope bondage type, role, or product. See a wide spectrum of techniques, intentions, and skill levels and find internationally renowned performers and bedroom, Western fusion and Kinbaku styles.

Black Thorn - f.k.a. the Looking Glass (Oakland)
Black Thorn has replaced The Looking Glass as an elegant, private play space in the East Bay Area of the San Francisco Bay Area! A new Black Thorn website is currently under construction. For those that seek to explore their kinky sides in a clean, safe and beautiful environment, in a gorgeous, old Victorian, featuring many play stations including a medical room, dungeon room and romantic bedroom with master bath. FetLife Group

Good Vibrations (San Francisco)
Good Vibrations is the premier retailer trusted for over three decades to provide high quality products, education, and information that promotes sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment. We invented the concept of the clean, well-lighted vibrator store and we’re proud to provide a safe and welcoming environment where customers can shop for sex toys, books, movies, and attend workshops.

KinkFest (Portland, OR)
KinkFest is the Pacific Northwest's largest BDSM gathering. Held annually at Oregon's best event space, the top-notch Oregon Convention Center, KinkFest offers a Huge selection of workshops and classes and live performances by top national presenters, as well as a 30,000 square foot dungeon and a huge vendor hall with top quality merchandise from national and local vendors, as well as personal services such as massages and boot blacking.

The Sindicate (Portland, OR)
The Sindicate (Closed) was Portland’s largest dungeon. The 3500sq-foot dungeon, formerly known as The Conservatory, had been remodeled into The Sindicate which offered seven unique areas for play. It featured two large fully equipped dungeons and five smaller theme rooms. The Sindicate hosted a variety of private and public events, including workshops and meetings.

C.O.P.E. (Columbus, OH)
The Central Ohio Perversion Excursion – C.O.P.E. – is an amazing annual gathering (second weekend in September) in Columbus, OH. With a fantastic overall theme, C.O.P.E. provides a great mixture of rope, S/m & D/s, and "woo," locking in some great presenters from around the USA and internationally. There are always all kinds of Vendors for your kinky shopping pleasure: BDSM toys, fetish gear, and clothing for all your desires.

Bondage-a-Go-Go (San Francisco)
Bondage A Go Go is a fetish themed dance party that has been held in the City since 1993 – making it the longest running weekly dance event in San Francisco. Though not for everyone, this influential event is a dark slice of heaven for artists, musicians, fetishists, burners and open minded nightclub goers of all types. All are welcome with the understanding that having an open mind and positive attitude goes a long way here.

Shibaricon (Chicago, IL)
Shibaricon is the world's premier annual exhibition and conference that focuses on education and information exchange among lovers of Japanese rope bondage. The goal of Shibaricon is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for the exchange of ideas, education, friendship and community. Since its inception in 2004, Shibaricon has become a treasured retreat where rope lovers from all over the world come together.


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