Creative Mindfuckery
The physical aspects of S/m can only go so far in taking people into subspace. Headspace is where it's at. But you don't have to be a hypnotist, psychologist or shaman to get there. Danarama shares a wide range of techniques, from communication-flytraps to home-built props and sleights of hand that you can use to delve into your partner's mind... and play upon their fears in ways that are terrifyingly realistic and effective, yet physically safe and easily wiped away like a bad dream. Featuring live demonstrations, craft instructions, basic practical magicianship and discussions into darker sides like interrogation and brainwashing, Dan will arm you with the tools to take your scenes to a new dimension.

1. Brain-stalking, f.k.a. "listening"
2. Seeding and faking expectations
3. Cadence and tone of voice
4. Creating settings, props and plot lines
5. Basic hand sleights
6. Interrogation tips and tricks
7. The "Psych!" and return to reality
Rough Sex
Danarama demonstrates and coaches a wide range of rough sex techniques that can safely make sex feel excitingly brutal while remaining safe, for both women or men in control. After discussing negotiation, mental, and safety factors, Dan and his model dive in and demo dozens of fast and functional arm/body holds, creative use of clothing and furniture for impromptu restraint, powerful sex positions of high exposure or compression, mind-blowing fingerbanging, cruel handjobs, forced oral, hair pulling, slapping, talking dirty, integrating vibrators/toys into the act, orgasm control/denial/forcing, and other imaginative tips and skills to intensify sex.

1. Rough sex safety and negotiation
2. Rough sex holds & clothes
3. Rough sex positions and transitions
4. Rough foreplay
5. Rough fucking action skills
6. Talking hot and dirty
Strategies for Public Sex
Sex in public, while unlawful or inadvisable in most places, remains a popular fantasy for couples. It's hot. The risk of discovery, the novelty of new places, the rebellious rule-breaking, the romance of spontaneous passion that can't be contained or delayed until you get home... all that and more makes adventurous sex appealing. But how do you and your partner get carried away with such activity without getting hauled away? Learn how to play with your partner outside of the home, including creative techniques for taking your affection out in the public--without displaying it to non-consenting eyes. Highlights include:

1. What are the laws, and how to (up)skirt them
2. How to get the effect of public sex in private
3. Best places for public sex
4. How to remain inconspicuous
5. Dress for success
6. Conceal-and-carry sex toys
Fingerbanging & G-Spot Mastery
An entire workshop on fingering? Yes, and not a moment wasted. Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing. Drive her wild by putting imaginative attention on her clit, vulva, ass, and more. Discover how to read your partner's sexual response, find her G-spot and focus on it, even without her uttering a word. Arm your hands with the ability to deliver dozens of amazing sensations using one finger, two fingers, all fingers, thumbs, two hands, forearms, adding vibrators/ticklers/toys, and more...often with squirt-inducing success.

1. Overview and internal geography
2. Preparation and safety
3. Basic techniques: one and two fingers
4. Advanced fingering techniques
5. Two hands and more
6. Incorporating toys
Threesome Sex
Learn the best techniques for having a threesome. Danarama and his partners share detailed success tips for negotiating with your partner, finding a third playmate, and even ensuring the safety of your relationship. Then they demonstrate some of the most orgasmic and creative sexual positions, choreography, and practices that make sex with multiple partners fun, amazing, and drama free. Highlights include:

1. Negotiation, boundaries, and preparation
2. Same-sex interaction (or non-interaction) during sex
3. Swapping partners mid-scene
4. Multitasking
5. Incorporating toys and strap-on sex
6. What to do after the threesome
Different Strokes: Advanced & Creative Caning
There's more to caning than meets the ass. Danarama shares dozens of innovative techniques for using canes in dynamic scenes, from playful and artistic to excruciating. Highlights include:

1. Selecting canes and strokes for different folks
2. Caning as warm-up, sensation sustaining, and aftercare
3. Advanced tricks
4. Florentine caning
5. Malaysian Caning Protcol
6. Incorporation of other toys
Extreme Vibes for BDSM
Incorporating vibrators in BDSM is an exciting way to escalate a scene from humdrum to um-hmmm. Dan demonstrates how to use a variety of vibrators and vibe-bondage techniques as tools for control, reward, and punishment. You'll learn how to hold and integrate vibrators using various binding techniques (rope bondage, duct tame, cling wrap, clothing), common dungeon apparatuses, and even home furnishings. The demo will also cover the Dominance and Sadistic roleplaying and prattle aspects. You may have thought vibes were kinky on their own, but this hands-on workshop will show you dozens of new ways to really make your scenes (and your subs) sing.

1. Vibe types and overview
2. Self-made vibrator harnesses
3. Remote command and control
4. De-sexualizing orgasm
5. Tease, denial, and forced orgasm
6. Vibes for predicament play
Middling: Three-Way Play & Proxy Topping
Incorporating a third into your BDSM can add an exciting element of novelty to a scene, especially by delegating a Middle to execute your commands, techniques, and punishments. Demanding the best skills of trust, management, and communication, working with (or as) a Middle is great for training, pushing your limits and those of your submissive, ready-made role play scenarios, a natural transition for switches, and an awesome mindfuck. It's also a great way for Doms to bring a new Top into a BDSM relationship while maintaining supervision and without sacrificing the Dominant role. It's also an awesome prelude or addition to threesome sex.

1. The element of "remote control"
2. Delegating tips for Doms
3. How to find and negotiate a Middle act
4. Middling for training
5. Middling for role play
6. What you can learn from your Middle
7. Scenario ideas for using a Middle
Authentic Interrogation for BDSM
Most people picture interrogation scenes as a bright light, a hard chair, and using yelling and torture to get a "secret" instead of a safe word. Yes, that can be fun. But if you really want to get into a sub's head--to yield a specific secret, a risky truth, or a signed confession--the effective process is actually much different.Tapping his degree in Communication (with an emphasis on POW interrogation), Danarama discusses and demonstrates a wide array of concepts and proven-effective questioning techniques--gathered from the AMF 34-52 (US Army), the Kubark (CIA), the Reid Technique (police) and the Stasi (former East German) interrogation manuals and personal accounts of POW and criminal interrogations. He offers ideas on how you can leverage these principles to prepare and execute your own BDSM-based interrogation scenes to create realistic (and often real) effects, and arm you with ways to get your sub to talk.

1. Interrogation objectives (what to ask for)
2. Interviewer/scene/space preparation
3. Why torture doesn't work (and other surprises)
4. Non-coercive interviewing techniques
5. Five ways to tell if a story is truthful or not
6. Coercive tactics
7. The 9-Step Reid Technique
Belt Bondage and BDSM
Even the most basic belt can be used in dozens of ways to restrain your partner for effective and minimalist bondage or rough sex. Used alone or in combination with other belts, devices, and furniture. It can also be used for a variety of creative and intense impact play options. In this hands on class, Danarama will demonstrate and coach you on the fast and effective uses of one of the most common items nearly everyone has on hand. Don't let your belt just go to waist!

1. Selecting and altering belts for bondage use
2. Hand and arm restraint (single and double column)
3. Thigh restraints
4. Belting to objects
5. Rough sex and take-down applications
6. Corporal punishment techniques
7. Single-belt scene orchestrations
Learn about mummification bondage and how to safely use it for BDSM and kinky sex. This workshop demonstrates a variety of mummification techniques and positions, including partial and complete body wrapping using vet wrap, bondage tape, clingwrap, shrinkwrap, and duct tape. See how to achieve penetration with toys through openings in the wrappings, including remote control wireless vibrators and a hitachi wrapped within the mummification. You'll also learn a variety of sensation play techniques to try on your mummified partner.

1. Safety factors with mummification
2. Mummification materials
3. Techniques for partial & full wrapping
4. Integrating toys
5. Sex and mummification
6. Unwrapping and aftercare
Synthetic Shibari and Suspension
Japanese Shibari, including suspension, is a highly popular yet technically demanding art of bondage, traditionally practiced using various natural fiber ropes such as hemp, jute, or even bamboo. Lately, nylon and poly-fiber ropes have become increasingly popular, due to their easy availability, lower cost, and especially comfort compared to hemp. However, due to nylon's slippery nature, attempting shibari suspension using such ropes can be a frustrating and even dangerous practice. Without the "bite" of natural fibers, tying shibari with nylon requires special handling and techniques in order to safely tie and suspend. With his 14 years of experience in rigging bondage and suspension using nylon, Dan imparts to students the special considerations, skills, alternative hitches, and safety aspects that are unique--and critical--to tying with nylon in a way that duplicates (with modifications) many traditional shibari and suspension styles.

1. The best types of nylon/synthetic ropes
2. The critical differences in tying hemp vs. nylon
3. Techniques that are no-nos with nylon
4. Safely handling, tying, and monitoring nylon rigging
5. Five safe and secure tie-offs with nylon
6. Modifying nylon to look and act more like hemp
7. Pseudo shibari stylistic adaptations
Uniform Play: Suitable for BDSM
For many, uniforms are a powerful fetish on their own. Danarama explains the mystique and power of uniforms for both Dominants and submissives and demonstrates how to use uniforms in BDSM scenarios from role playing to strict military scenes. Class includes detailed discussions of the psychology behind specific uniforms, the origin and purpose behind their various details, and nearly a hundred examples of various uniforms from all walks of life.

1. What make uniforms so hot
2. Using uniforms for role play
3. Using uniforms for protocol play
4. Uniforms for punishment and humiliation
5. How to acquire or make and maintain them


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