Workshops and Ropework for Intensity in Intimacy

Being imaginative is the key to being unforgettable in your sensuality. Taking a creative approach to your scenes, shoots, and sexuality starts with the knowedge of a few novel ideas. Danarama's workshops share these building blocks. You can use these new ideas and techniques as a springboard for your own pursuits, in the bedroom, the dungeon, or the studio. Or fast-forward your fetish photography, extreme scenes, or fantasy recreation by engaging Danarama for skilled bondage rigging or technical topping. Either way, the effect you have will be masterful.

Upcoming Workshops:
January 14, San Francisco, CA: Teaching Two Knotty Boys Reunion Workshop!
January 18, San Francisco, CA: Teaching Fingerbanging, Squirting & the G-Spot.
January 19-21, Vancouver, BC: Teaching 3 classes at Westcoast Bound.
January 28, Portland, OR: Teaching Authentic Interrogation for BDSM (@ The Liquor Store).
January 29, Portland, OR: Teaching Zip-Tie (Cable-Tie) Bondage (@ The Liquor Store).
February 2-4, Las Vegas, NV: Teaching 3 classes at Sin in the City.
April 24, San Francisco, CA: Teaching Rough Sex (at Society of Janus).
April 27-29, Dallas, TX: Teaching 4 classes at Bondage Expo Dallas.
June 2, Austin, TX: Teaching with Two Knotty Boys at Camp Ravish.



Classes and Workshops
Danarama's informative yet entertaining demo-based classes and hands-on workshops are rich in exciting insights, lighthearted humor, and immediately usable techniques. In classroom or group format, they are hosted regularly by a variety of Bay Area organizations as well as at BDSM conferences in the US and internationally. Private workshops or live online demos are also available.
Rigging, Photography, and Performance
For fetish photographers, filmmakers, and models, Dan also offers creative rope bondage rigging, technical topping, Dominant modeling, and photographic services. He is also available for live bondage/shibari performances, having appeared in more than a hundred shows in the US and Europe, as well as numerous BDSM websites. See the Gallery for images from some of his shoots and shows.



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